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This page is for memorials of your pets. If you would like to post a memorial for your friend, please email your submission to:   hearthvet@gmail.com. Please include your contact information. Only your memorial will be posted to this page. Feel free to include photos.

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Miss Pollyanna,

When Polly died, the puppy I had brought home for her – Airabella – went through a grieving period.

The day I took Polly to the vets and didn’t bring her home, Airabella laid down where she had last seen Polly. She’d jump up to look at me and put her head back down on her paws.

Anabella wouldn’t eat or drink. She would gather her babies (stuffed teddy bears) and lay on them, out where Polly had been when she last saw her.

I gave her big juicy deli bones. At first, she put them with the babies for Polly. Then she would put one in Polly’s dog dish. I would give her another one, she would take it – chew a little – leave it. Nothing with the gusto she had before.

At night, when she slept, she would whine and cry out. All through these days she would put her head on her paws, look at me, put her head back down. I would hug her and cry, it seemed she knew we were crying for Polly.

Polly died on June 11, Airabella did not eat her dog food until June 30.

To get her to stop giving and saving food for Polly, I had to throw away their dog bowls and get new ones. I also threw away the rug she last saw Polly on.

Like us, I think there are little changes here and there, all good. Things are different without the ones they love.

Before I brought Airabella home for Polly, we had lost Heidi. Polly just stayed at the foot of my bed and just laid there. She would get up to go outside, eat, back on the bed. Like us, they all grieve their own way.

I brought Airabella home, and Polly came alive. She would go up and down the stairs until Airabella got it. She taught her the dog door, how to behave – if she didn’t behave, Polly would scold her. She was the mother Heidi had been for her. One time when I took Airabella to the vet, I had to bring Polly, because Airabella howled so and threw such a fit!

Just before Polly died, Airabella would lay behind Polly, giving her support, I guess, making her more comfortable, taking care of her adoptive mom.

They make strong bonds with us, and their mates. Their love is everlasting in our hearts and in theirs.