Hearthstone Veterinary Hospital

826 Route 29
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866



Veterinary Staff

Beth helped the Dr. to open the hospital on June 16, 2003. For quite some time, it was just the two of us doing all the work. Beth is the manager and is in charge of inventory, ordering, and supervisor for the staff. She had worked on a spay/neuter bus for a shelter and for a nonprofit rescue organization. She had a business making stained glass art. Beth has several dogs, favoring the german short hair pointer and pit bull types. She is attending veterinary technician school on line, and sometimes goes with the Dr. to local continuing education meetings. Life here is difficult when Beth takes time off!



Dominique R has been with us since November of 2013 - we rescued her from her previous employer.  She has taken over the primary assistant role and does all of the cleanings for the dental procedures we do. Dominique is also attending vet tech school on line. She has been a pleasure to have on our team.



Sarah is Dr. J's daughter, she worked here for several years, and had been a steady and reliable addition. She is the one who helped wherever she was needed, and had a list of jobs to do every day. Sarah graduated from High School in 2016, moved to North Carolina, and started college there. Sarah was accepted to Vet Tech school and expects to graduate in the spring of 2019 and sit for her license exams at that time. We miss her terribly!!



Linda T is our cleaner, and she keeps the place clean and odorless for our daily work. Linda is dependable and positive, and has helped reduce the stress on the staff by taking over time consuming chores. She is married, has a dog and two cats.