Hearthstone Veterinary Hospital

826 Route 29
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866




Veterinary Staff


Beth helped the Dr. to open the hospital on June 16, 2003. For quite some time, it was just the two of us doing all the work. Beth was the manager and is still in charge of  ordering and DEA compliance. She had worked on a spay/neuter bus for a shelter and for a nonprofit rescue organization. She had a business making stained glass art. Beth has several dogs, favoring the german short hair pointer and pit bull types. She  attended veterinary technician school on line, and sometimes went with the Dr. to local continuing education meetings. Beth was the backbone of the practice, now she has another full time job and still helps us with her skills. 



Karen started working here in October of 2021. Karen brings with her a long work history of retail and staff management, which is invaluable  to our practice. She is married and has three grown children and one cat who rules the house! Karen loves crafts and is very good at crocheting, Cricut and many other crafty things. Karen also loves light houses!



Colin has been with us since February 2022 as a part timer. He became a full time employee in the fall of that year. Colin is yet another crafty person, and enjoys working with different mediums. Colin really helps the patients to be calm while in our care. He has a history of retail work and is a college graduate. He loves sea turtles and takes care of our fish tanks. 


Kathy S

Kathy started here in January 2019, as our cleaner.  She is responsible for the odorless, clean environment that we all enjoy here at the  hospital. Kathy works part time as a veterinary assistant. She is a daughter, mom, wife, and grandmother. Kathy loves to paint - check out her rocks on the window sills of the building! Kathy has bunches of dogs and cats!